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For Immediate Release

Firmware Update: Zoom F4 Firmware 2.0 for Recording 360-Degree Audio

Zoom's new firmware update lets you record 360-degree audio using your Zoom F4 MultiTrack Field Recorder and Sennheiser AMBEO VR Microphone.

Firmware 2.0 for the F4 now includes Ambisonics decoding which allows you to record 360 audio in the following formats:

● FuMa
● Ambix
● Ambisonics A (Stereo Monitor)
● FuMa + Ambix
● FuMa + Ambisonics A
● Ambix + Ambisonics A

All formats record to Poly WAV files. When using the F4 in Ambisonics mode, gains are automatically linked so you can control them with one knob. This is essential for properly monitoring and adjusting audio levels in an ambisonic recording.


The new firmware also includes the following: 

  • Monitoring input signals of specific tracks without recording
  • Saving multiple settings for signals sent to headphone output (Headphone Routing)
  • Setting for keys being held (Key Hold Target)
  • Backing up and loading F4 settings (Backup/Load Settings)
  • Setting the level meter reference (Reference Level)
  • Showing total recording time during long recording periods (Time Counter)
  • Setting the mic position used for ambisonic recording (Mic Position)

For more details, please check the F4 Version 2.0 Supplementary Manual (PDF).

Lightweight, portable, and easy to mount, the F4 and AMBEO mic combination lets you capture 360-degree audio everywhere.


You can download the new firmware here:


For directions on how to update the firmware, please refer to page 148 of the F4 operation manual.



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