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For Immediate Release

Firmware Update: V2.0 for the Zoom G5n


New Firmware V2.0 for G5n Multi-Effects Processor for Guitarists

Our G5n offers the finest collection of guitar effects we've ever created...and it's about to get even better with the new firmware V2.0 update. Firmware V2.0 offers 30% more DSP (Digital Signal Processing) efficiency for amplifier, cabinet, and stompbox emulation which allows you to chain effects more easily.

Included with V2.0 is an Effect Processing Power Chart that lets you easily check the DSP power required to combine effects on a 0 to 100 scale for each effect, and avoid any process overflow that may have occurred with the original firmware.

There’s also an enhanced two-unit looper function that lets you use two dedicated footswitches to start and stop a given phrase.

In addition to these improvements, you’ll also get an additional 48 amp/cabinet and stompbox effects emulators. You can expect eight new amps and cabinets, including the '59 Fender Bassman and Diezel Herbert Channel 2. There's also 32 all-new stompbox effects like Electro-Harmonix’s Big Muff Pi and SmallClone, and TC Electronic’s CORONA Tri-Chorus. The updated pedal will also come equipped with 24 custom-created patches that were inspired by legendary bands like Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Santana, and so many more.

Guitarists with first generation G5ns can download the firmware V2.0 at


All additional 48 effects included in V2.0 are also available for download from Guitar Lab software

* To download the 24 additional factory patches, you must utilize the “All Initialize” function. We recommended backing up your own patches in memory using Guitar Lab software before executing this function.

* Manufacturer names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The names are used only to illustrate sonic characteristics and do not indicate any affiliation with the Zoom Corporation or Zoom North America.



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