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For Immediate Release

A1 FOUR Patches for Saxophone, Created by Takahiro Miyazaki

For users of the A1 FOUR and A1X FOUR, Zoom Guitar Lab offers new preset patches for Saxophone, created by Takahiro MIYAZAKI.

Born and raised in Kobe-city, Hyogo prefecture. He started to play the saxophone since his age of 13, and in 16, he started to play at local jazz clubs. After graduation at Konan University, he studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston and played with Natalie Cole and Nat Adderley during his three years of studying. In 1998, he joined to Japanese instrumental band, T-SQUARE. He also played in Japanese concert tour of Boz Scaggs and played as a tour-supporting member of Japanese artists in parallel the band. He left from the band in 2000 and started to work as a solo artist. He played many sessions and recordings and also held lessons and clinics for playing saxophone in Tokyo and other regions. In 2006, his first solo album "Nostalgia" was released from Japanese record label, Pony Canyon. He captivates many fans of saxophone with his powerful and broad tone like singing.



  • Sax Bright - This dazzling sound for soprano sax uses Exciter.
  • Sax Detune - This uses Ba Detune to create a deep sax sound.
  • Sax Disco - This sax sound is inspired by British pop.
  • Sax P.Shft - This sound for sax uses PDL Pitch. Use the pedal while playing to control the pitch. (A1X FOUR only)
  • Sax PDLDly - This delay sound for sax uses PDL Delay. (A1X FOUR only)




New Preset Patches available for download via the Zoom Guitar Lab software.



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