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John "JR" Robinson, Zoomed In



“I like to keep my grip fluid…not too loose, not too stiff. My hands open and close depending on how hard I’m playing, but I never grip the drumsticks tightly. I use matched grip for power and traditional grip on lighter, jazzier stuff.”



“I teach flat-footed bass drum technique…it’s kind of old school. Once you get past the couple years of pain, it makes you a stronger drummer. I always focus with the bass drum on the beat — not in front or back — exactly on the beat, no matter what. I believe you need to set the standard of where the time is in each song.”



“When I was younger and famous people were coming into the clubs, we’d get all antsy and overplay. I found out the hard way to just be yourself, be relaxed, and have confidence. I always had chops, even as a kid. Now that I’m in my middle years, I let it flow — like painting with oils, an actual physical art — and always think about being musical.”



“Play the song. It’s not just playing the drums, but listening and then playing the song. Pick up all you can on your first listen and apply that to your interpretation. Add your own style without damaging the integrity of the music.”



“Groove is obviously my signature – while other people try to conjure a groove and think about it – I find the key is not to think about it. If you think about playing a groove you’re not gonna sound good. Stay in a relaxed state. I lean into it. I sway with it, like dancing. It’s all about the groove.”


JR records each moment, captures every angle, and documents his career with the remarkable visual brilliance and audio clarity of the new Q4n.

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