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For Immediate Release

Notice about HandyShare for Windows


Distribution of HandyShare for Windows is temporarily suspended.

Apple has recently released a report of a serious vulnerability when using Quicktime for Windows, and are currently recommending that all Windows customers uninstall Quicktime for Windows.

As Quicktime is necessary for the use of Zoom’s HandyShare video playback / editing software, we are temporariliy suspending download availability for our HandyShare software.

Development of a new version of HandyShare for Windows is currently underway and will be published later this year. Until that time, here are some suggested programs you can use for video playback / editing.


Video Playback Application
MPC-HC by MPC-HC Team 
GOM Media Player by GRETECH Corp 
Light Alloy by Vortex Group, LLC

Video Editing Application
Premiere Elements 14 by Adobe (Paid application)
YouTube by YouTube, LLC (Cloud service)


We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


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